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Who we are:

  • A talented group of fun-loving Jewish travel-lovers with a vision:

Everything Jewish Travel in ONE Place, EASY.


What we’ve done:

  • We’ve created the world’s first Jewish online travel magazine & kosher trip blog,


Successes with us

  • Our site has seen nearly 200,000 page-views and visitors since our first article went live in September, 2016 (!)


  • Our affiliates & advertisers report tremendous response and results


  • With 35,000 hits over Chol Hamoed Pesach, 2017, we needed to increase server capacity just  to keep up with demand!


  • One affiliate advertiser reported over 3,000 clicks over Pesach alone


Strategic Media Partners:

Mishpacha Magazine Family First Feature Article – (Publish Date Early Summer 2017) Social Media Feed

Jewish Link NJ (in Print) (online Jewish News) Forums

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Star-K Kosher

CRC Kosher

The Bubble North Jersey Jewish Women’s Email Group


The Jewish Local Pages, Passaic/Clifton Social Media Feeds (Facebook, Instagram, Email Subscriptions)

The Network – Print Media Group serving major Jewish Communities in the East Coast

                                       … and other major collaborations in the works!

How do you gain?

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Growth Goals?



Our Near Term Goal:

  • 120,000 page-views per month by YOUR TARGET CUSTOMERS, by August 2017, Bez”H. Incredible reader response shows we can do it!




Our Long Term Goal?

  • There are seven skies in heaven…



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KosherVactationCentral,, and affiliated sites have a very specific target audience.

All ads are subject to our approval and criteria, as well as our Terms and Conditions on file. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel any advertisement or advertiser at any time for a full refund of any unused pro-rated ad time, without explanation.  Advertiser agrees that losses incurred will never exceed the amount paid by the advertiser for said ads, features or listings.




What makes us different?

Please note that can not vouch for the reliability or definite kosher status of any establishment or kosher agency found in our site or app. We do try very hard to bring you only verified listings at the time of listing.

However, things do change and information may be inaccurate, so please do your diligence!





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