Montreal. Got it. Here’s a List of Kosher Hotels, Restaurants, Shuls & More in Montreal






Quality Inn Midtown

Address: 6445 Decarie Montréal, Quebec, H3W 3E1, Canada

Phone: 514-739-3800

Other Info: Shabbos accomodation-ready hotel with Glatt Kosher Restaurant on premises




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  • Montreal is the second largest city in Canada. It was the largest city until sometime in the 70’s when Toronto took over the title.


  • Montreal is one of the five largest French speaking cities in the world. Paris is first.


  • The lowest temperature ever recorded in Montreal was -37.8 C (-36) on January 15, 1957. The record low with windchill was -49.1 C (-56 F) on January 23. 1976.


  • On average it snows 60 days a year in Montreal. It rains on average every month of the year too.


  • The Underground City – a series of interconnected tunnels beneath Montreal runs for over 32 kms (20 mi). In the winter over 500,000 people use the tunnels on a daily basis. The tunnels connect shopping malls, museums, universities, hotels, banks, offices and seven metro stations.