The Caribbean. Got it. Here’s a List of Kosher Hotels, Restaurants, Shuls & More in The Caribbean








Dominican Republic Luxury villas

Address: Dominican Republic


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  • How many Caribbean islands are actually inhabited? Only about only 2% of the islands are inhabited!


  • Most of the inhabitants of the Caribbean Islands are descendants of African slaves who were brought to the islands by European colonial powers to work on the sugar plantation. They stayed on the islands after the slavery had ended.


  • The shortest runway on earth, not more than 1,300 feet long, can be found at the Caribbean island of Saba.


  • The only foreign place that former president George Washington ever visited was Barbados. He went there with his brother Lawrence, who suffered from tuberculosis and hope the change of environment would do him good. The house they stayed at is still there. It’s been restored and can be visited.


  •  The Caribbean islands are also known as the ‘West Indies’. When Columbus set out to reach Asia (the Indies) by sailing west, he thought that he’d found the East Indies when he stumbled upon some islands. These islands were called the ‘Indies’ and Columbus called their inhabitants ‘Indians’. When his mistake was discovered, the Indies were renamed the West Indies to differentiate them from the real East Indies.